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Wed Dec 7 18:16:19 CET 2005

Hi, All.

This is an edited version of a message I posted on the emc-users list. I 
thought I'd post it again here to help Paul kick off his new project. I 
look forward to seeing lots of folks join in.

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By now, this isn't news, but I thought I'd chime in as another "satisfied customer" who successfully downloaded and installed BDI-4.30. To quote the beer commercial, it doesn't get any better than this. I immediately downloaded and installed EMC2. Both EMC and EMC2 appear to be running fine in simulation mode. I'm a long time user of RedHat and Fedora Core Linux, but the BDI works so well I don't see any incentive to try to install EMC in either. My hat is off to Paul.

Question: the package manager shows a number of updates are available including one for EMC. Dare I simply update all or are there awkward dependencies that I have to manage manually?

<editorial note> 
Paul answered that "you are quite safe using the updated packages. Debian's apt system looks after resolving dependencies, and provides a painless method of keeping your system up to date. Most of the official updates are security and bug fixes. The main emc package addresses some quirks within the mini GUI that have been pointed out by some of the users.
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FYI, my host is a junker Dell Dimension XPS T450 --- a 450 MHz P3 with 256 MB RAM. My controller is a work-in-progress: Jon Elson's Universal Stepper Controller and Steve Stallings' PMDX-150 Motor Drivers coupled to surplus PacSci PowerMax II motors. My machine, also a work-in-progress, is a copy of John Kleinbauer's hardwarestore mill, the Jester. I'm working in a corner of my townhouse's laundry room---no Bridgeports allowed.

<old message/>

OK, so that Dell box is a bit slow but Jon's USC board makes up for it in so far as pulse generation is concerned, and I can live with the occasional slow reponse to me when I open new windows, etc. I would have spent more on an upgrade to the PC than I did for his board and the board gave me other features at the same time. The BDI seems happy enough.


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