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Mie Ene 27 13:07:16 CET 2021

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Hello Team

Hope that you're doing all good and healthy.I would like to draw your
attention to some of the vulnerabilities in your site which i would like to
Kindly provide me the email of relevant team or person and let me know if
there is any bug bounty program or reward regarding this disclosure of
vulnerabilties as this work requires both cost and time.

Thank you


In the index (home page): https://website.com/login
Clickjacking, also known as a "UI redress attack", is when an attacker uses
multiple transparent or opaque layers to trick a user into clicking on a
button or link on another page when they were intending to click on the the
top level page. Thus, the attacker is "hijacking" clicks meant for their
page and routing them to another page, most likely owned by another
application, domain, or both.

Using a similar technique, keystrokes can also be hijacked. With a
carefully crafted combination of style sheets, i frames, and text boxes, a
user can be led to believe they are typing in the password to their email
or bank account, but are instead typing into an invisible frame controlled
by the attacker.
<title>test nbxsites </title>
<p> https://website.com/login is vulnerable to clickjacking!</p>
<iframe src="https://website.com/login" width="500" height="500"></iframe>

Tricking a user into unknowingly;

No.1: An attacker can gain access to the credentials of users and use those
credentials for booking and payment.

No.2: adding events to their profile they are interested in attending.

No. 3: editing their star rating on reviews;

No.1: bookmarking unwanted business



Best Regards.
Found More bugs on your website reply me so that i may disclose them
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