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Lucas lucas en tefl.org.uk
Sab Jul 18 03:48:36 CEST 2020

Hey ourproject.org, 
 My name is Lucas, and I just wanted to reach out to ask if you’re accepting guest posts? I work for TEFL Org, the largest and most accredited provider of TEFL training in the UK, and our blog is rated the #2 TEFL blog online by FeedSpot. 
 Here are some of our recent posts: 
• https://www.tefl.org/blog/teaching-english-in-indonesia/https://www.tefl.org/blog/how-to-teach-english-in-japan-without-a-degree/https://www.tefl.org/blog/starter-costs-for-teaching-english-abroad/ 
 As industry leaders in the TEFL market, we’d love to contribute some top-quality original content for your blog. We’d be able to promote the piece and your site to our audience as well. 
Let me know if you’re interested, and I can fire over some topics I think your readers would be really interested in! 
 Lucas Belickas 
Outreach SEO Executive 
Lucas en tefl.org.uk
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