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Love this place. Great location, good food, great beer, cozy atmosphere. ....Pastas are the best thing on the menu. It's all good, but the pastas are to die... This is our go to Chinese spot.  Compared to a lot of places in Champaign area their chicken actually tastes like chicken and not rubbery.  You are able to... It is definitely an acquired taste pizza wise as they use a sweet sauce. The best thing I've found here is hands down the meatball sandwhich! Get it on... I don't care who you are, what Zodiac sign you are, what gets you up in the morning, how good your dad is at fighting, how big your cock is, how much you... Before Edison invented the light bulb, what did people say when they thought of something great? \"It was like the candle got lit\"? That just sounds stupid.... Miga is by far the only restaurant I've been to in the Champaign-area that attempts at a 'unique, exper9549dbf862c447863ff8b30265d6eb44
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