[Bah-tagonius] [Bah-general] FoxNews: Which Alcohol Drink Helped This Woman Shed 47#s? Take The Test.

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Mie Mar 15 14:44:38 CET 2017

FoxNews: Latest Discovery Gives New Meaning to "Drink 'Til You Drop".
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Scientists at Washington State University have discovered that a rare ingredient found in a common alcohol drink has been shown to supercharge your metabolism by over 350%.

Can you guess which one it is?

A.  Beer
B.  Red Wine
C.  Brandy

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This unbelievable breakthrough in the world of weightloss will allow you to melt belly-flab WITHOUT ...

Surgery, Pills Or Drugs,
The Need For Any Exercise, or 
Having To Count A Single Calorie.

In fact, drinking this one alcoholic drink helped overweight woman eliminate over 45lbs of belly-fat in only 1 month.  That's why 57,478 men and women are already successfully using this simple method.

Thomas Newman
Personal Trainer, Iraq War Veteran

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