[Bah-tagonius] [Bah-general] To Argentina's new President, Mr. Mauricio Macri – Update on "Please allow Arturo to have a better life in the Assiniboine Park Zoo in Canada"

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Lun Dic 14 23:19:37 CET 2015

Laura Morales just posted an update on the petition you signed, Please allow Arturo to have a better life in the Assiniboine Park Zoo in Canada.

To Argentina's new President, Mr. Mauricio Macri
To the Argentina’s new President Mr. Mauricio Macri
As Argentina’s new President we plead solidarity, respect and commitment to life in Argentina and all around it territory. We plead you will have the courage to make the right decision and allow Arturo to live the rest of his life in a natural and suitable habitat for his species. A polar bear cannot  and must not live in a desert environment like Mendoza’s. 
Argentina has become sadly known for its lack of respect when it comes to animal welfare. Please we, as human citizens, plead for Argentina’s redemption; we please for Arturo’s freedom.
Presidente de la Nación
Ing. Mauricio Macri
secretariageneral en presidencia.gov.ar

Vicepresidenta de la Nación
Lic. Marta Gabriela Michetti
Secretaría General de la Presidencia
Lic. Fernando De Andreis
Secretaría Legal y Técnica
Dr. Pablo Clusellas
Jefatura de Gabinete de Ministros
Lic. Marcos Peña
Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Desarrollo Sustentable
Rabino Sergio Alejandro Bergman
Ministerio del Interior
Lic. Rogelio Frigerio
Ministerio de Justicia y Derechos Humanos
Dr. Germán Carlos Garavano
Ministerio de Turismo
Prof. José Gustavo Santos

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