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Ls of Runnet, so let it stand until it be hard come: when it is hard
come, set your fat on the bottome of a hair-sieve, take it up by
degrees, but break it not; when you have laid it all in the fat, take a
fine cloth, and lay it over the Cheese, and work it in about the sides,
with the back of a Knife; then lay a board on it, for half an hour:
after half an hour, set on the board an half pound stone, so let it
stand two hours; then turn it on that board, and let the cloth be both
under and over it, then pour it into the fat again; Then lay a pound and
half weight on it; Two hours after turn it again on a dry cloth, and
salt it, then set on it two pound weight, and let it stand until the
next morning. Then turn it out of the Cheese-fat, on a dry board, and so
keep it with turning on dry boards three days. In case it run abroad,
you must set it up with wedges; when it begins to stiffen, lay green
grass or rushes upon it: 
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