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,' said the corporal, who was holding the dagger and gun taken from the
dead man. 'Keep the dagger for yourself and the coat too; but I'll give
you three rubles for the gun. You see it has a hole in it,' said he,
blowing into the muzzle. 'I want it just for a souvenir.' Lukashka did
not answer. Evidently this sort of begging vexed him but he knew it
could not be avoided. 'See, what a devil!' said he, frowning and
throwing down the Chechen's coat. 'If at least it were a good coat, but
it's a mere rag.' 'It'll do to fetch firewood in,' said one of the
Cossacks. 'Mosev, I'll go home,' said Lukashka, evidently forgetting his
vexation and wishing to get some advantage out of having to give a
present to his superior. 'All right, you may go!' 'Take the body beyond
the cordon, lads,' said the corporal, still examining the gun, 'and put
a shelter over him from the sun. Perhaps they'll send from the mountains
to ransom it.' 'It isn't hot yet,' said someone. 'And supposing a jackal
tears him? Would that be well?' remarked another Cossack. 'We'll set a
watch; if they should come to ransom him it won't do for him to have
been torn.' 'Well, Lukashka, whatever you do you must stand a pail of
vodka for the lads,' said the corporal gaily. 'Of course! That's the
custom,' chimed in the Cossacks. 'See what luck God has sent you!
Without ever having seen anything of the kind before, you've killed a
brave!' 'Buy the dagger and coat and don't be stingy, and I'll let you
have the trousers too,' said Lukashka. 'They're too tight for me; he was
a thin devil.' One Cossack bought the coat for a ruble and another gave
the price of two pails of vodka for the dagger. 'Drink, lads! I'll stand
you a pail!' said Luke. 'I'll bring it myself from the village.' 'And cu
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