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Invitation to the 2013 Global Conference & Meeting and

Capacity Building Training Workshops in Sustainable Development.

2013 Global Conference and Meeting on sustainable economy and society

Dates: November 25-28, 2013 - Seattle, United States

Website: http://charitasfund.org/en/2013gcm.html

2013 Capacity Building Training Workshops in Sustainable Development

Dates: November 25-30, 2013 - Seattle, United States

Website: http://charitasfund.org/en/workshops/index.html

Dear Colleagues,

The following invitation letter has been sent to you since March 8,
2013, we haven't heard your response since then. Please, let us know
as soon as possible if you will attend the upcoming conference and
workshops at Seattle (USA)

We are therefore delighted to invite you to the 2013 Global Conference
& Meeting and Capacity Building Training Workshops in Sustainable
Development that will be held in Seattle, United States on the
following dates:

- 2013 Global Conference and Meeting on sustainable economy and
society: November 25-28, 2013.

- 2013 Capacity Building Training Workshops in Sustainable
Development: November 25-30, 2013.

The Global Conference and Meeting on sustainable economy and society:

A range of challenges from volatile oil and food prices, financial,
economic and debt crises to climate change are threatening global
efforts to achieve development that is sustainable, or that meets the
needs of the present without compromising the ability of future
generations to meet their own needs. These multi-dimensional
challenges do not have purely economic solutions, nor purely social or
environmental ones. They require integrated solutions that combine
economic, social and environmental elements.

An increasing number of nations, communities, academic institutions
and businesses are committed to the overall idea of environmental,
economic, and social sustainability. Making a swift and equitable
transition to a sustainable economy and society will require a major
shift in how we think about our economy and its proper role in society
and a series of well thought out steps for transforming the
governance, structure, and activities of public and private

To facilitate an exchange of opinions, ideas and experiences, the
Charitas Fund (Global Network for Sustainable Development) is pleased
to offer the opportunity to share the most updated information related
to this issue, through this international gathering:

The conference programme is dedicated to the current situation and
offers an open international forum for the discussion of this topic.
The aim is to establish new design perspectives and actions through
dialogue with representatives from civil society, politics, economics,
science, individuals amongst others. The Conference will also engage
participants in sharing experiences and articulating perspectives on
how to enhance their activities in the financing of their various
projects, especially the NGOs/CBOs including round table panel
discussions and break-out sessions, interactive dialogue, workshops,
caucuses and other activities.

The objective of this conference is to bring together leaders, senior
decision makers, policy leaders, leading executives and social
innovators amongst others to initiate and develop a manifesto,
platform and roadmap for sustainable economy and society development.

The Conference Agenda will cover the following areas:
(1) Sustainable Economy and Human Development - SEHD
(2) Social Economy and Humanities - SEH
(3) Human Rights and Good Governance - HRGG
(4) Sustainable Development – SD

The Capacity Building Training Workshops:

Furthermore in order to strengthen nonprofits capacity building and to
enhance sustainability and maximize impact, we will offer accessible,
cost-effective training and education for development actors.  The
program helps you learn through case studies, exercises, and group
discussions, providing a complete learning environment. You will learn
from, and share experiences with, practitioners working in the field
around the world. This program gives experienced practitioners a fresh
perspective and provide novices and volunteers the training they need
to be successful working in the field of development.

More than 20 topics will be covered during the workshops including:
Microfinance and the Role of Women, Local Communities and Climate
Change Mitigation Strategies, Social Entrepreneurship and Enterprise
Development, Financial Management, Fundraising Techniques.

A complete course detail and description can be found on the program
webpage at :
http://charitasfund.org/en/workshops/workshops.html (
http://charitasfund.org/en/workshops/workshops.html )

Participants and target groups for the International Events:
Governments and international organizations, Civil Society, the
business public and private sectors, academics institutions and
private Individuals amongst others.

Hundreds of project directors, community leaders, grassroots
activists, funders, students, volunteers, and field workers from
community-based organizations to large intergovernmental and
non-governmental organizations are participating in our wide array of
international events.

Financial support acknowledgment and sponsorship:
It is acknowledged that the Charitas Fund receives financial support
from private philanthropists, foundations, banks, and international
non-governmental organizations for the participation of delegates from
middle and low income countries (World Bank classification). As a
result, we will provide sponsorship for up to five (05) International
delegates from selected organizations and individuals in low and
middle income countries. However each delegate is required to pay a
registration fee.

The sponsorship package covers accommodation, travel, access to all
events' sessions, exhibition, per diem, meals and refreshment during
the events' sessions and a delegate bag with documentation. The
sponsorship package excludes all other personal demands including
medical expenses and recreation after the events. The Charitas Fund
International Center will assist delegates to acquire Entry Visas
and/or any other traveling documents where applicable.

Registration for the 2013 Global Conference & Meeting and Capacity
Building Training Workshops is opened. Request for registration
guidelines and registration form should be strictly directed to:
secretariat en charitasfund.org

Due to time constraints, interested participants are urged to confirm
attendance beforehand. While we anticipate your response at your
earliest convenience, please do not hesitate to contact us for further


Tamara Jones,
2013 International Events Organizing Committee

Charitas Fund (Global Network for Sustainable Development)
1700 7th Avenue,
Seattle WA 98101-1397,
United States
T. +1 206 339 9177 ( tel:%2B1%20206%20339%209177 )
F. +1 206 339 7081 ( tel:%2B1%20206%20339%207081 )
Email: info en charitasfund.org
website: www.charitasfund.org ( http://www.charitasfund.org/ )

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