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Oning and interest of other minds. There is little inspiration in side
talk to one or two. Nobody ought to go to a dinner who is not a good
listener, and, if possible, an intelligent one. To listen with a show of
intelligence is a great accomplishment. It is not absolutely essential
that there should be a great talker or a number of good talkers at a
dinner if all are good listeners, and able to "chip in" a little to the
general talk that springs up. For the success of the dinner does not
necessarily depend upon the talk being brilliant, but it does depend
upon its being general, upon keeping the ball rolling round the table;
the old-fashioned game becomes flat when the balls all disappear into
private pockets. There are dinners where the object seems to be to
pocket all the balls as speedily as possible. We have learned that that
is not the best game; the best game is when you not only depend on the
carom, but in going to the cushion before you carom; that is to say,
including the whole table, and making things lively. The hostess
succeeds who is able to excite this general play of all the forces at
the table, even using the silent but not non-elasti
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