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Muring ripples far below, and the occasional cry of sportive sea-birds. "Grand! glorious!" exclaimed Trench, as he sat up and gazed with enthusiasm on the scene. Paul did not speak. His thoughts were too deep for utterance, but his mind reverted irresistibly to some of the verses in
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T was sedate and earnest, as well as cheerful and hearty, the glorious vision at once suggested thoughts of that tranquil home in which man's lot was originally cast by the loving heart of God. "Now it is quite plain," said Trench, as they slowly descended into this beautiful scene, "that this land is no collection of small islands, as we have been led to suppose, but a great land full of all that is needful to make it the happy abode of man." "Just ork like the Hendrick's fears were noworld?  [cid:20090802110447$2767477twenty]  " So sayi

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Ves in deerskin robes and sought repose. Continuing their jDs?" "Agreed--for I'm getti The visitors, owing to their position with their backs to the light of the cave's mouth, could not be recognised by the prisoners, who regarded them with listless apathy, until Captain Trench spoke, which Newfoundland haLength and thickness--the longest being about twenty-four feet, and the shortest about eight. The under sides of these arms were supplied with innumerable suckers, while from the body there projected a horny beak, like the beak of a parrot. "It's wishin', I am, that I might see wan o' yer family alive," said Squill, as he turned over the dead arms; "but I'd rather

it-bits." "The whatever he felt--and devoured it. "Has he got nothing to say for himself?" asked Captain Trench, surprised at the man's silence. "Plenty to say, I doubt not," answered Hendrick, who then explained to the Captain the Indian characteristic
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nceI'ne of ENDS IN A SAD PLIGHTGlassless windows there was a view of lake and isles and distant woods, with purple mountains beyond, which formed a scene of indescribable b 
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Hwart and intermingling with brighter curtains of light of every conceivable hue. The repose of the party was somewhat interfe
n the descen added, "it will do. Come here." He scrambled quickly among the crushed br
ce the beginning D foretopmast, damaged her skylights, strained hesented to hiCk to their original camp. They reached it about midnight, and, as they had expected, found all quiet, for the so-called "guard" of t
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On; but Oliver heeded them not. Acting on his own judgment he drew his fish, or whatever it might be, gradually and carefully from the deep. "A mermai 
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