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Pics by noreply en blogger.com (Damn Cool Pics) on 2/12/10
Living in mountainous regions around North America, mountain goats can
be found at altitudes of up to 13,000 feet, climbing cliffs all day
long, in search of food. Thanks to their cloven hooves, each featuring
two widely-spaced toes that provide great balance, mountain goats can
challenge any seasoned climber and probably best him.

Their double-layered, thick white coats provide camouflage in snowy
settings, but the altitude they can reach provides enough protection
from most predators. And if they happen to run into trouble, they can
jump 12 feet in one leap, and reach a safe point. Just check out the
pics to get an idea of their climbing capabilities.

This is such pure insanity that I thought was a total hoax the first
time I saw it, but those really are goats and they really are in trees.

The tree the goats are in is an evergreen argan tree. It is found
mostly only in Morocco. The tree reaches heights of 25-30 feet, and has
a knobby, twisted trunk that allows for goat climbers. The goats climb
the tree because they like to eat the fruit of the tree, which is
similar to an olive.

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