[Bdi4emc-help] axis 1.2.1-1 doesn't work (patch enclosed)

Paul bdi4emc at bulldoghome.com
Wed May 10 00:41:20 CEST 2006

On Tuesday 09 May 2006 04:32, Jeff Epler wrote:
> Earlier this evening, a bdi4emc user on the #emc IRC channel reported
> that the bdi4emc package of axis 1.2.1-1 doesn't run.
<diatribe snipped>
> In hindsight, there are two major problems:  First, because the steps
> necessary to produce identical packages to the ones Paul makes are not
> published,

Which part of `dpkg-buildpackge` is "unpublished" ?

FYI ALL python-axis files with the exception of the change log have been 
supplied by Jeff Epler - In addition, the source tarball can be found in the 
repository, so claims that "files are missing" are false. `man dpkg` 
documents all the steps taken to build the axis packages.

> Second, because the development process of bdi4emc is largely opaque,

Aside from a core set of packages, much of what is included has been at the 
request of numerous users. For example, axis, along with several libraries 
not used by anything else, was added at the request of Jeff Epler.
Evilwm and xfce4 were included because other users asked for a lightweight 
alternative to KDE.

There is currently some 20-30Megs of space available on the disk, so there is 
room for additional packages should anyone request them. This has been a 
standing offer since the launch of BDI-2.04.

> I very much want to keep axis running on new versions of bdi4emc,
> because I believe it's the best GUI available for emc.  However, it is
> sometimes a frustrating process.  If you can see a way to improve
> things, please let me know.

Numerous suggestions, some you probably won't like... May be when you give 
BDI-4 an equal billing to Ubuntu as a suitable base for emc2... Then there is 
the IRC log from 31-3-06...


python-axis-1.2.1-2 & python2.3-1.2.1-2 packages uploaded to the repository.

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